XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned
XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned
XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned
XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned
XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned
XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned
XL Credenza   |  Pre-Owned

XL Credenza | Pre-Owned

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This hand-sanded ebony XL Credenza has been the enormously comfortable in-home condo for a black standard poodle for over 10 years. It is huge for her and could handle two standard poodles and a couple of kittens easily.  A whole furry family.

It was designed to be a sublime home for extra large breeds such Giant Schnauzers, Newfoundlands, male Bernes Mountain Dogs and Shepherds as well as Afghan and Long-Haired Russian Hounds. It's perfect for a big black Labrador (and a couple of kittens).

It is an original build by expert specialists at Art Center, Los Angeles and includes a few different features noted below with its story.  While it is not FSC® certified, it is of a rare, quartered ebony. Ordered today, it would be well over $20,000.

It is available with a new MOMANT anti-microbial bed to match its new furry owner's density (based on height and weight) or "as is" (see adjusted price), allowing you to purchase or use your own dog's bed. (Bed dimensions: 41.25w x 27.25d x 2.0h inches / 104.8w x 69.2d x 5.1h  cms - a standard XL size.) Bed cover as shown is included.

Feel free to ask questions using the form above or submit your dog's dimensions to ensure a best fit bed from MOMANT. 



As an original EQO Collection piece, some of its details are slightly different than the current collection. They are:

  • Screen ventiliation is on all four sides.
  • Modern oval sculpted screen in rare black material.
  • A black, custom-fit plastic tray beneath the bed prevents damage.
  • Refined heavy natural woven linen bed cover with large brass buttons (as shown).
  • Bed cover is extremely well preserved (see close up image above).
  • No added thumb trims for hidden storage - completely discreet and simple.
  • Is not self-locking (feature added after for smarter dogs)
  • Small scratch on top that's not readily visible (see close-up image above)


Two doors, front and side; plus private area for nesting

Dimensions: 45in w x 31in d x 33.5 h (114.3 cm w x 78.4 cm d x 85.1 cm h)

Weight: approx 65 lbs / 29.5 kgs

Weight capacity: 200 lbs / 90.7 kgs

Two-pocket hidden storage capacity: 542 cu in / 8.9 litres. Holds large Chuck-it® ball launcher. (See image above.)

Its story

This credenza was home to Dahlila-Ahlem, an active, purebred standard poodle that loved her beauty sleep as much as wrestling with her labradoodle boyfriend. She's 4 years old in warm Southern California in this photo. After a long life of fun and run, she recently passed at 14 ½ from the RSV infection still baffling vets.

Lila was the Momant founder's dog involved in product testing. Once when a gentleman thought it was a wet bar that he wanted, she hid inside to keep her secret. She knew the drill. When he exclaimed, "No way! This is for a dog!!" She pranced out to take all the accolades (thinking it was all about her). It was hilarious. 

She's loved her credenza. She knew it was all hers - as will the next lucky dog that adopts it for life. It's a big deal to them. You'll see.


Every EQO piece is an example of extraordinary modern day artistry and this pre-owned piece is no exception. It's finished in rare quartered ebony wood that's hand-sanded to soften its aesthetic and its rare black faux stone, that's carved into a modern oval design, is since discontinued. Its provenance is included with your purchase and on record in MOMANT files.