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Go to "CONTACT US" or the "ASK A QUESTION bar on each page to receive private, personalized assistance via email with another level of information you may not see online. 

We understand the love of design, candid and personal nature of pets and people as roommates and the many questions surrounding sustainable impacts.  We’re here to help and are happy to execute personal NDAs in customizations.

Best quality photography and digital rendering are used on our website and marketing materials for the most realistic results.  At the same time, there can be wide variances in screens, browser settings and more which can influence what one sees online.  If you suspect color distortion, contact us and we’ll work toward a solution for you.  


Use the "? Support" widget at the bottom right of each page to alert us of your need immediatley or Contact us with any questions you have. We'll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Contact your designer or us directly at concierge@momant.com.

There are no returns or exchanges with the custom-built EQO pieces, but you do have 3 business days after order placement online to make alterations.  See Terms of Purchase here.

The internet is a busy place and you may experience a short delay. Additionally, email settings can change and redirect unsuspecting messages into your Spam Inbox.  We recommend checking it.  If you still do not see a confirmation, kindly contact us.


Weekday white glove delivery is free in the contigous USA. For deliveries outside of this area or schedule, use our Request a Quotation form. We’ll arrange a satisfactory, single-priced solution.  Some details are here.

All of our pieces are created individually by modern artisans to strict quality standards – from premium sustainable materials to the completed, signed pieces.  It requires exceptional attention and patience to maintain a level of quality for which the pieces were designed, generally  2 to 3 months.

For our free white glove delivery service, yes.  Deliveries requiring cranes or window removal must be noted at time of order so a best solution is found and such deliveries are subject to additional charges equitable to their tasks. Weekend and holiday deliveries are also available for an additional charge. Delivery does not include wall mounting, electrical or structural changes or assembly of shelving.

Our unique PIF shipping is a circularity service recognizes that new furniture often displaces another piece in any given space.  The opportunity to move that outdated furniture to another local location of your choice, where it can be useful - at the same time that your EQO piece arrives - is a free ownership service. Order this service at the time that you place your EQO piece order, or at least 2 weeks before your delivery date by contacting concierge@momant.com via email with "PIF Delivery" in the subject head.

Within three business days after your online order placement, a Momant Concierge will be in contact with you.  She/he will review your order and give you an estimated delivery date.  You order your PIF shipping service at that time.

If you miss this opportunity, you can order this service up to 2 weeks before your delivery by contacting concierge@momant.com with "PIF Delivery" in the subject head.

Note:  For delivery confirmations, phone is quickest, so be sure to sign up for SMS/phone service. If not, we’ll reach to you by email. 

We’re happy to address the requirements of shipping outside of the USA to ensure best-quality service elsewhere.  Select the “Request a Quotation or International Service” box on any product page for assistance. Or,  contact us with your interests. We’ll be in touch shortly to make smart arrangements for you.


We’re happy to support you in gifting an EQO piece.  To make that successful, we’ll need to learn about the recipient and his/her animal.  We’ll arrive at a perfect solution for you.  Select the "? Support" widget at the bottom of each page for private, personalized service or contact our Concierge to begin that discussion.

Yes, of course!  There is an additional charge based on specifics.  Select the “Request a Quotation or International Service ” box on any product page in which you are interested and include the type of customization you would like.  We’ll respond quickly via the method you provide us to discuss details.

If you are the grandparent of a newborn with a dog running around the home, we certainly understand.  Or perhaps, the partner of someone who’s dog shares the bed.  We’re here to help. 

We’re happy to create a comfortable learning-to-purchase journey in a private, personalized experience for your loved ones. Select the "? Support" widget at the bottom of every page, noting your interest. We'll respond quickly to learn more about your shopping guest and your desires for him/her to create a private, personalized Shopping Trip gift to everyone's satisfaction. 


We accept all major credit cards including VISA®, Mastercard®, AmericanExpress®, Discover®,  ShopPay for installment options and Apple Pay.

All the transactions made on the Momant.com website are secure. The padlock symbol next to the address bar of our pages begin with "https" indicating that you are in a secure setting. We have also enacted express security measures to protect your personal data from non-authorized access and use. However, the transmission of data by the Internet can never be considered to be 100% secure. Any information that you make available online can potentially be sniffed and used by third parties.

We accept international credit cards via forms of payment providers previously noted. When placing your order, you must enter the international billing address that is linked to your credit card.


How you experience circularity practices with MOMANT.

There are no returns or exchanges with the custom-built EQO pieces, but you have three (3) business days after order placement online to make alterations.  See Terms of Purchase here.

Furthermore, you will see that we support Owners of Record with remarketing services after one year of ownership in the event of life changes.  These are also noted in the terms of purchase and piece’s dossier.

An Owner of Record (OoR) is one that adds their name to the piece’s dossier and maintains its Chain of Custody. Every material used and handling of the piece is tracked from source to end-owner.  Becoming an Owner of Record maintains this chain of authenticity.  

EQO dossiers and Owner of Record data always remains private to owners (and an owner’s agent, as authorized).

Yes, we understand the risks of accomplishment.  As long as we have an authentic, legal name in private records that validate an authentic record, the legal name does not need to be made available in the dossier that’s distributed in the event of resale.  One may establish an Alias for Dossier at any time during their ownership.

Owner of Record remarketing services protect owners and their agents from public platforms that are too often trolled.  It also protects the piece's authenticity and value.

We work to determine owner’s circular wishes, assess the piece’s condition and requirements to meet those desired results.  Our resources generally achieve quite competitive results easily. 

Our unique PIF delivery is a circularity service which recognizes that new furniture often displaces another piece in any given space.  The opportunity to move that outdated furniture to another local location of your choice, where it can be useful - when your EQO piece arrives - is a free EQO Collection ownership service.

All EQO Collection pieces are built to naturally last centuries or renewed within two weeks, non-toxically and at “least drain to the planet, including humanity.”  Should culture need either the design or materials for another use, it can be done easily.  Details are in the dossiers.


About our selective trade program.

Yes, we have a very selective trade program that supports interior designers, architects, hoteliers, real estate professionals and discerning retailers with information and discounts not publicly available. 

Should you have an alignment to our design mission and commitment to our unique customers and have interest in a marketing partnership, we’d love to hear from you.


About EQO Collection products as well as our bespoke design services.

The pieces shown on our website are examples of best loved by those who have seen them.  They display certain possibilities. They are not manufactured or inventoried.  

All of our pieces are created individually by modern artisans to strict quality standards – from premium sustainable materials you see to the completed, signed pieces. 

Certain partners may have a piece or two on location and are free to sell those, should they choose.

Detailed dimensions and specifications of our EQO Collection pieces and the animal sizes to which they fit can be found on each of the product pages. See, for example, the credenzas.  

Note: for a correct fit, the animal height must be measured at its shoulder.

For puppies, always measure to the expected adult size.

EQO pieces are built for long-term durability and finished with the finest materials available.  Their care is exactly like that of fine wood furniture and is outlined in its dossier, as well as defined standard use. We realize that accidents happen and stand ready to quickly refurbish to pristine condition anything that has occurred and deters from the piece’s delivered state, for an equitable fee.

The best way to ensure you have purchased an authentic Momant piece, including EQO Collection pieces, is to purchase it online at here.  This is always your best and most reliable retail resource.  

Additionally, every MOMANT piece is uniquely numbered, signed by artisans and tracked by a dossier (owner data always held private).  Anything outside this system is counterfeit and an object for which we cannot guarantee or carry responsibility.

EQO Collection designs are patented and screen patterns are registered trademarks. Kindly notify us of any known counterfeits or infringements. (Yes, expect a gratuity for your kindness.)

We expect to expand to a limited set of qualified resellers over time about which you will be notified if you are subscribed to our Early Bird newsletter

While a collection of forethought, study and skill in a pleasing visual solution, the EQO Collection touches the surface of our capabilities. 

If you have an interesting object or architectural vision you’d like to explore, we can make the journey comfortable and fun from anywhere given the depth of our digital skills.  Contact us to explore bespoke designs.


How our EQO Collection bespoke animal furniture elevates lifestyles. 

EQO furniture pieces calm dogs by allowing them sublime instinctual comforts within the busy built environments of their human families.  Our homes and lives are far more active and noise-filled than most animals can tolerate.  And, dogs require much more sleep than people.

EQO pieces create the balance of privacy and connection that helps dogs feel instinctively in control and protected enough to sleep through commotion.  They become more confident, rested and calm.

Generally, the first change we see is the dog gravitating more toward their super-comfortable furniture piece, using it for a good after-dinner chew, then off to sleep.  Toys, once strewn everywhere, may begin to collect inside their new "room."

We next see them spending the night in it. They then adopt it as “their space” and become more confident, rested and calm.

Yes, and we’ve seen it accidentally happen.  An EQO credenza was used to contain a large puppy that wanted to answer the door. The pup was put in the credenza when the doorbell range and was amazingly calm while in it. This usage was expanded to other behaviors, and the young animal began to interpret it as a punishment piece and stopped entering it willingly.

EQO pieces should not replace social training. The piece can cause more anxiety when used as a cage or punishment. It's designed to be comfort.

EQO pieces should be used to give your animal a home or its own room within your home.

Its sliding doors should remain open for access at any time and closed only when containment makes sense for its safety (from toxic substances) or when its curiosity might interrupt visitors.

It's designed to give dogs both the presence with its human pack and enough privacy to sleep through modern commotion.

Its placement in your home is important. Much depends on the animal and your at-home lifestyle. We're happy to work with you or your interior designer on that for best success.

Used this way, when you slide the doors closed, the dog begins to understand that you’re keeping it safe while you’re gone - enhancing your relationship.

While presented to many, no one has ever recognized the purpose of an EQO furniture piece at first view in many years of validation.  Not one person. 

Credenzas have been mistaken for china cabinets, wet bars or dual-level tables and desks.

When people come immediately upon them. Then, they exclaim, “No way! This is for an animal??" when they realize it's actually the animal’s own unique “room” in the home. 

Dogs love being hidden while observing everything outside of their own small home. It’s fun for them.

The EQO Collection was designed to slip into any well-appointed room, disguising its purpose completely, until one was very close to a piece.  And, that’s exactly what happens.  

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When you subscribe to our newsletter online, you automatically create an account with us that you can manage.  We encourage you to also subscribe to SMS notifications so you can be reached for deliveries and qualification of details.  Either way, your information is also secure and private.  Details of our online Terms of Service can be found here.

You may cancel your account at any time.  Please contact us with your request. We will follow it up immediately and send you a confirmation.

momant design studio

When not completely focused on client projects and products, we post news, insights with data and unique events to our Blog.  If you are subscribed to our Early Bird newsletter, you will receive notifications of our posts. 

MOMANT is a bespoke design studio that brings sustainable beauty to modern living.  We create elevated and connected comfort for busy lives via an exceptional understanding of Nature and digital design. We seek to practice the Art of Sustainability.

We create advanced architecture, interiors, furniture, jewelry and objets utils for highly accomplished customers. 

We are also the designers and makers of bespoke animal furnishings that create calm  in the home or indoor public spaces, especially for dogs and their owners.

Losing our wellness to the industrial blur needed to change and a new future created.  We decided to pursue the Art of Sustainability by doing the best design work possible in any given moment for people and planet. We see that a new, human renaissance that's aligned with Nature is completely possible. We call it Art of Modern Living.

Life Is enriched differently In the twenty-first century.  Only Transformative Design will suffice. The kind that looks deeply into Nature and brings Its beauty Inside. Refreshed people and spaces Is central to our mission.

The world has been awash with loosely substantiated and often intentional data regarding climate health. It called for re-assessments.

Only an independent assessment vehicle would help us make right decisions about those authentic intentions and avoid distractions. So, we needed to create that ourselves.

Founded in the science of Biomimicry, which learns how Nature constantly evolves to remain abundant and healthy, we created an index to assess raw inputs, processes, results, effects and renewability for every effort we make. 

We called it the Earth and Neighbor Index as it requires that all things and processes support Mind, Body, Soul, Earth and Neighbor – those five – to become a part of our products or processes.

Mind, body and soul seemed to be the evolutionary language of the 20th Century. Mind, Body, Soul, Earth and Neighbor™ is the evolutionary language of the 21st Century.

Our Earth and Neighbor Index requires that no toxicity occurs in any product material or process.  Raw materials are acquired at a benefit to the environment and community of its dominion.  All materials and work are fair trade. All of these attributes must be documented by our sources and included in our dossiers.   

The FSC is a critical global organization founded over 30 years ago that is committed to the commercialization of forests in a manner that preserves them and the populations they serve over the long term.  

The FSC is uniquely endorsed by the world’s most respected environmental organizations such as World Wildlife Foundation, the Sierra Club, the Rainforest Alliance, the National Wildlife Federation and more.

We have maintained FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) certification since 2014 (FSC® C041262) with our records audited annually since.

Measurements, from material absorption to corresponding eco-impacts are now estimated from highly calibrated digital models.  Lifecycyle assessments were also made in early design phases for the EQO Collection. The more data we have, the more we’ll record and report.

For example, FSC® CoC certification requires that FSC wood waste be < 15%.  Our digital models are now set at approximately 8% waste.  We expect to have a aggregate waste under 10%.  Impacts on forest and carbon are EQO piece-dependent, based on woods in it and outlined in the dossier.

Every piece of art is also a feat of fabrication.

All of our pieces are created individually by a small group of modern artisans who are exceptionally skilled in a range of materials, digital and hand methods to achieve exquisite results. 

We have no real fabrication limitations. Our group is prepared to execute highly-exact carving and relief work as well as the minimally sleek and tightly calibrated builds that the EQO pieces require within time frames impossible via manual-only methods and large scale manufacturing. 

For completed signed pieces, exceptional attention and patience is mandatory, occurring over 2+ months.

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