the art of sustainability

The Momant Design Studio was created to pursue the Art of Sustainability. Our intent is to authentically move the dial to slow climate change and preserve the healthy balance of our earth, while creating spaces and objects for beautiful living in modern times.  We call it the Art of Modern Living. Including our clients in this planet wellness mission is central to what we do. Thus, we include an individual dossier with every piece that describes its journey-in-making and specifc impacts of its investment.


To get this done, we worked with a Biomimicry expert – an architect from Princeton and the University of Washington to shake out "intentional data" often found in reports and to verify material toxicities and renewability claims.  Lifecycle assessment were also done. 

It was not enough.  It was 2013 when we were swimming in greenwashing much as today.  

So, we also created an independent decision-making index to evaluate our designs, materials, production and actions overall, to be sure we were impacting the planet well.

We call it the EARTH + NEIGHBOR INDEX™ as everything we do must serve Mind, Body, Soul, Earth + Neighbor - those five – to elevate living in modern times. The E+N Index helps us assess all that we do. It's a valuable tool we use today, nine years later.


For woods and papers, we use FSC® certified materials exclusively.  The Forest Stewardship Council® is the most respected forest protection and commercialization program in the world. 

We have held FSC Chain of Custody certification since 2014. Every MOMANT invoice and dossier tracks (under audit) every piece of wood or paper used, from forest to customers’ doors.  

Our extraordinary wood finishes are the result of an Italian family that parked a barge off the west coast of Africa some 50 years ago.  They used the abundance of pristine forests in Cameroon and applied the artistry of fine papermaking to the making of exceptional wood veneers. They also saw that the forest were managed to FSC certification, ensuring their longevity that also created a stable economy in a tricky region. The results are super-premium woods from a stable region.

One simple action that consumers can take to ensure healthy forests, our oxygen cycle, carbon balance and stable economies, is to buy FSC certified products..

To learn more about how the FSC keeps forests healthy, go to


Renewability factors are heavily weighted in our Earth + Neighbor Index. While all EQO Collection pieces are built to last centuries, they can also be easily renewed and reused, non-toxically, on-continent, quickly.  

This is why we encourage customers to become Owners of Record and join our circularity services.  We know our pieces will last more lifetimes than a customer may need and we urge them to allow us to refurbish them, if needed, for private resale or non-toxic recycling and best renewable use of the materials. 

We’ll do everything we can to “close the loop” for clients, privately, and as profitably as possible for them.