sculpted screens

For quicker delivery, choose from five digitally-designed screen patterns that are masterfully milled from faux stone and included in your EQO piece's price.  

Or, take your time and ask us to match a motif already in play in your space for a truly personalized piece. We'll run your design through our algorithm to prevent chewing and potential damage.


A lovely, durable and organic design that flows beautifully used vertically (shown on our credenzas) or horizontally.

modern oval

A modern 3D design that's smooth and a winner for tiny toddler fingers. See on our bench used horizontally.


An Art Deco theme that changes when used vertically (shown) or horizontally. See it in the behind-the-bed bench.

geometric rounds

A 3D design with a distinctive midcentury feel, it's both sophisticated and delicate. See it on our tables.

modern wave

Seen on our ottomans, this design adds architectural interest when vertical or horizontal (shown). See it in the entry doors below.


Have us create a pattern that's all yours to match a room, a property or brand to use indoors or out. Contact us for custom work.


Hygienic and as easy-to-clean used outdoors as indoors, our faux stone is available in a range of colors and movement, adding depth to designs. While super durable, it’s LEED certified, pulverized and renewed so easily we call it a morph material. Enjoy your options.

more opportunity

Consider the myriad of architectural uses for this material in exquisitely executed motifs. Wall partitions, standing panels, lovely light filters on windows. This non-corrosive material is also excellent outdoors as gates and fences.  It's nearly limitless. Tap our talent to learn more.

A calm living room entered through decorative double doors with the Modern Wave design used vertically.

relief from boredom

Don't miss an opportunity to use the faux stone or our designs architecturally. Here, the Modern Wave design dresses and protects glass entry doors that would be otherwise boring.