Sim Stone

LEED® certified and often Greenguard® blessed, our faux stone is a near perfect simulation of granites and marbles, except that it’s much lighter and easier to renew. Its base is an inert, hygienic plastic that stays friendly throughout its lifecycle. Developed and manufactured in the USA by a global company, its delivery and renewal can be localized internationally.  Choose one of many colors to be made exquisite by exceptional carving.

carved screens

From this sustainable faux stone, EQO screens are digitally designed and masterfully milled into five distinct patterns. Each has pragmatic properties and changes aesthetically when used vertically or horizontally. Apertures are designed so dogs can’t get their teeth around them fully to chew.

For your sustainable design plans, use one of these motifs or go completely custom. As our steel replacement, we carve this durable material into large panels as gorgeous architectural walls, partitions or stunning doors - welcomed alternatives for conscious clients.


As clean and easy-to-clean used outdoors as indoors, it's also available in a range of colors and movement, adding depth to designs. While super durable, it's pulverized and renewed so easily we call it a morph material.