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Defining elevated living for small hounds and their owners, the EQO Bench is a refined multi-functional piece and healthy, hidden home for dogs like Jack Russell, Boston and French Bulldog terriers, Corgis and more.

Dogs nest in sublime comfort on flush-fitting beds matched to their weight densities.

Designed and built in the USA, each is numbered and signed, and completely sustainable. Choose standard or mobile.

Priced as shown: In North American FSC-certified walnut with hygienic simulated stone in our 3D Modern Oval design that's smooth to the touch, in Quartz and an antimicrobial bed that's lined in cotton and covered with a recycled woven in our Palm Springs textile line, color is Whiskey.

White Glove delivery in the USA, Monday through Friday, is FREE.

Clients with custom or international shipping destinations should use the form below to convey your contact information so we reach to you and make best custom arrangements.

Wherever you are, you are also entitled to Pay it Forward (PIF) shipping service at the time of delivery. (We'll move a retired piece of furniture to a local non-profit or family member for free.) It's part of our circularity services.

See ownership terms for details.

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the LARGER seating piece

Two architectural pieces are designed to be extra comfortable to humans and small dog breeds - an ottoman and bench.

The Bench is the larger, for slightly taller small breeds (16in/41cm at the shoulder) and a perfect end-of-bed piece. Consider going custom with a dual-bench, end of bed option to delight a small pack of Cavalier King Charles or Corgis... and keep them off your bed.

hygienic screens

Digitally designed for customized beauty, a durable simulated stone is masterfully milled into five distinct designs. Each has pragmatic features and changes aesthetically when used vertically or horizontally.

Apertures are designed with algorithms so dogs can’t get their teeth through them to chew. The 3D Modern Oval design is super durable while smooth enough for tiny fingers - a best when young children are present.


Animals require much more sleep than we do and their weight distribution is far more focused. Deep sinks into cute cushions are not the best for pets.

Our Talalay latex cushions offer the firm and smooth bounce to support animals’ comfort and health. Let us know if your pet is either a senior, slightly under or overweight so we can ensure they receive a dual-layered ortho cushion.

smart storage

The Bench also contains the same hidden and safe soft pocket storage as the table shown below. It holds the volumes of toys otherwise strewn on the floor.

Select one or two toys and pack the rest for another easy day. Rotate for interest.

exceptional craft

Every piece is an example of extraordinary modern day artistry to make simplicity and sustainability a reality - created from exceptional design and calibrations. Every piece is numbered and signed by artisans and arrives with a dossier of its eco-social certifications.

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