the mission

We began as a research and redesign studio to authentically move the dial on climate change by bringing beautiful sustainable design indoors. Soon, we became makers of bespoke animal furnishings that serve elevated living and wellness at home, as true wellbeing grows from the inside out.

the mantra

Adding value to earth's precious elements via exceptional commitment and skills became our mantra.  And, we found them. Reducing the "taking" by reducing the sheer volume of products was also key to our mission. We don't turn the machines on unless it's necessary. And, then it's precision.

the focus

Dog adoption and recycling through shelters was soaring - as was the volume of pet products for anxiety abatement. Dogs were in an "adopted, lavished on, anxiety treatment and recycled" consumption dysfunction.

Our founder, whose home was filled with pups, recognized that dogs were homeless at home.

An animal's view from inside an EQO Credenza (when the animal is laying down)

our collection

The only fine furniture line in the world missioned to serve two species was born.

Years of study and three algorithms later, dogs were wrapped in a big beautiful "stick" (wood) behind hygienic screen patterns they thought were organic, with enough comfort to sleep through modern household activities.  Their own home at home, at last.

A mid-centuty side table in textured cream color with a geometric circle pattern in white as its mid section. If you concentrate and look more closely, you see a French Bulldog inside staring at you.  Callouts describe key features.

the difference. comfort over containment.

We support animal instincts and health first, making them more comfortable in their own furnished home than on their owner's couch or bed. Dogs understand that and calm.

refined to reduce

Designed as fine furniture, EQO pieces' purpose has rarely been recognized over years of testing. They melt into well-appointed spaces often without notice. 

The need for a pet product and furniture disappears. Useful furniture and the pet product are one. Best yet, the dog is exactly where it wants to be - near its owner - without disturbing the peace.

better yet

Every material and process is 100% sustainable and renewable without toxicity. Wood finishes are from FSC® certified forests in West Africa. The modern-designed screen that camouflages the dog is a faux stone of hygienic, renewable plastic, masterfully milled. The pet bed is a sustainable latex covered in eco-certified textiles. Each is documented in a dossier accompanying every piece.

A close-up of a digital router cutting wood with precision.

our making

We work with a select group of material creators, designers and modern artisans that know advanced technologies and their ultra-exceptional machines intimately. 

The simplicity of the EQO Collection is based on three, tightly calibrated algorithms. The builds are unachievable by most.

We have no design or fabrication limitations and invite you to explore our capabilities for truly unique results.

our name

MOMANT is the english word "moment" remade. “Omen” is in the center of it.

That did not suffice our inspiration.

We removed the “omen” and replaced it with the “OM” (ohm) and “MA”  - putting the primordial life force that is our design inspiration inside the center of our name.


Life is enriched differently in the 21st Century (aka T1-C).

We believe that only transformative design will suffice. The kind that looks deeply into Nature and brings its beauty inside spaces and people.

Refreshed people and spaces is our goal, resulting in a refreshed planet.

T1.C is our holding company, created first and missioned to design a new future

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our impacts