An animal's view from inside an EQO Credenza (when the animal is laying down)

EQO Collection

An attractive and well dressed woman looks at you as she cuddles her ginger-colored puppy.

The best
for both of you

The EQO collection

Designed to slip into well-appointed rooms, the collection elevates living with animals, supporting love, healthy boundaries and wellness.  Each piece offers sublime camouflage and comfort for the animals it secretly encloses.  Dogs love that and so do their owners.

context and comfort

EQO minimal designs give pets the camouflage and presence everyone appreciates. They elevate life with animals. With no swinging doors, EQO pieces are always available for naps. EQO pet beds are uniquely formulated to pets' proportions so they're comfier and healthier than your sofas and beds.



Sometimes the largest personalities are worn by the smallest doggies. Elevate them. Make an EQO Lucci side table their throne and watch what happens.

Like a room at the ritz®

Rather divine protection from foods and medications, animals’ biggest indoor dangers, and the lookout they won’t want to leave. Perfect for the shorter legs like Frenchies, Corgis and Dachshunds.

earth preserving

Know that all of EQO furnishings you see are designed to keep our oceans in healthy jewel tones; the forests preserved, cleansing the air by adolescent trees that consume and sequester carbon ferociously for generations; and keeping our air a sapphire blue with winds capable of carrying clouds of water to their intended soils.