Bauhaus meets Biomimicry in these bespoke, patented designs that serve two species ever so discreetly. Three credenzas, a bench, ottoman and tables are so sleek the animal-enclosing feature is unrecognized. Animals love that. So do their owners. It's a real game changer.

All are hand-made from premium, Italian FSC® certified woods, protecting gobal forests and are fair trade. Their precision craftsmanship is extraordinary. They are limited, numbered, signed by artisans and accompanied by individual dossiers that authenticate their origins, impacts and journey in making.


    Big dogs are beautiful and deserve hidden homes that are unique to their needs and owners' lives.  EQO credenzas' refined design and dimensions give them everything to  live from the gentle royalty of their natures - from large hounds to Newfoundlands - in your elevated space, private or public.

    Made to create peace and wellness at home, the dogs nest in sublime comfort on flush-fitting and smartly-covered antimicrobial beds matched to their weight densities. Completely sustainable and custom built in the USA.

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