Choose one of the exquisite grains from an exotic, endangered or threatened specie comfortably knowing that the wood finish was designed to save them. Or, peruse the Architectural selection to access modern engineering art. All are Italian-made of finest quality from well-managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), mostly from Africa and always fair trade. The FSC Chain of Custody provenance is included in your piece’s Dossier and invoice.

figured & planks

Expertly executed, these wood veneers offer either beautifully active or calming movement in gorgeous colors.


If you are as artistic as the Italians, why stop at protecting species as in the Legacy group? These more abundant, FSC® certified trees are happy to dance in this architecturally alive series.


Abundantly found trees of West Africa are proud to mimic exotic species that are threatened or endangered, made beautiful by Italian designers.