About Josef Albers' Homage to a Square

While Josef Albers was an artist of many mediums, the cornerstone of his work was in teaching people to see – the interaction of colors, the constructs of shapes and to sense their aesthetics.  

An early student of the Bauhaus School of design he was a master craftsman of formed glass. He soon became a professor there until the school’s closure under Nazi pressure in 1933, then emigrated to the US. 

By 1950, he was the head of Yale University’s School of Design where he created architecture, furniture, interiors and graphic designs that were powerful in their new abstract, functional shapes. (Our founding designer is also a Yale alum, with a masters in Architecture. You may understand the power of the EQO Collection simplicity differently.)

Albers was so focused on the experience of color and materials, he documented manufacturers’ pigments and materials on the back of his studies leaving a legacy of practical guides. 

In 2022, at MOMANT we spent a fair amount of time learning to see clearly -- separating noise from signals, deeper trends from crosswinds and sustainable growth from rapid rise and risk. We shed complexities, as it's truly not our style. The result was greatly simplified goals as resolute and aesthetically cultured as Albers' squares. We appreciated

We invite you spend a few moments to clear your vision by observing his Homage to A Square studies. Enjoy!

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