A black standard poodle gazes out from inside a modern refined credenza of hand-sanded, quartered Ebony.  The mid portion of the credenza has a screen pattern of modern ovals also in black.


Recently, I interviewed a “Luxury brand specialist" and one of her first questions was, “So how long can the dog be in the cage before it goes crazy?”

Answer: A very long time. It is not a cage. It's the dog’s personal condo, in which it can be perfectly comfortable - even when contained. 

The point is to keep the dogs from going crazy. 

Let’s be clear.  

We work for highly accomplished individuals 

We design for highly accomplished individuals with busy lives and animals, mostly dogs (though not exclusively).  Home is a place of privacy, peace and comfort made of things people love and choose to remember. A place of wellbeing.

We uphold and enhance that. 

With the EQO Collection we work for animal owners, their breeders, interior designers, architects, animal trainers or whomever assists them in this area of their lives.

Design for everyone’s wellbeing

Every EQO Collection piece is an indoor room of their own to maintain dogs' wellbeing and calm at home, in a hotel or luxury lounge – anywhere it’s better that the animal rest than run around -- without disturbing the aesthetics.  

Slide the self-locking doors closed and the animal is securely contained and comfortable.  Add our pet concierge services and we’ll ensure the animal gets a walk or run about, as needed.

We elevate life indoors with these animals, making life easier for all.

The dog is given a place for social presence to relax that’s more comfortable to it than its owner’s (or hotelier’s) furniture.  This is the point.

A platform for stunning pieces

With the EQO Collection, you see utterly simple and minimal designs for three reasons:

  1. Hidden animal intelligence, including a hidden animal.  Three algorithms ensure enough privacy, presence, sublime comfort, and containment when needed, to make it work for the animal while being unrecognizable as an enclosure;
  2. To provide extraordinary customization opportunities for interior designers so they can work without fabrication limitations and be assured of exceptional execution.
  3. We love midcentury design. It's so simple, yet flexible.

We invite interior designers to explore motifs from carved patterns or custom enlays. Or, to simply design their own screen patterns for a client or brand.  Every piece is a hand-built by exceptional craftsmen, a limited edition, numbered, signed.

We run your custom designs through our algorithms to ensure the piece actually performs as needed and that the white glove service required is executed.

The LEED points, carbon credits, circularity services and individual dossier with its story included are free. 

||   EQO pieces are for people that do math – they're maybe $100 a month over the life of the dog - and include our remarketing services.  It's nothing when the animal's health and potential property damage is factored.  ||


Deep sleep is everything

Here’s the deal. 

Big, fluffy ottomans are not always the luxury for dogs we imagine they are. They can be confusing.  (Think, “Your couch or mine?” in the little dog’s mind.)

Plus, in earth’s fauna, only the lion sleeps uncovered and every animal has its own definition of “cover.”  

Enter our algorithms. 

Dogs are like two or three year-olds and need as much sleep.  Reflect. How’s your two-year-old without a good nap? 

Same with dogs.  They look like they’re sleeping but often aren’t. Studies show that the average 2-year old pup has noise anxiety - just from its home. We tend to quiet down when we put our 2-year-olds down for a nap - but not with dogs (which is completely reasonable).

Our design algorithms find another way.

Life for the lucky

The standard poodle first pictured in the XL Ebony Credenza is a three-year-old pup at a photoshoot.  She's the founder's dog and is watching people run around adjusting lights and cameras.  Comfy, paws crossed, cool as a cucumber.

Dalila-Ahlem (aka "Lila") was lucky enough to take this protoype home, even though it’s large enough for a Giant Schnauzer. She did get her beauty sleep. But, that's not all.

The complement: MOMANT pet concierge services.  

We’ll work to find places for (or create) a neighborhood community or doggie socials where they can play, exhausting themselves – a few times a week. 

For hoteliers, “Sleep-in Weekends” for dog owners where we take them out for a run around while mom and dad enjoy breakfast; walk them for lunch or spa time, then run them around again for dinner. Then, let ‘em sleep comfortably contained in between.

Lila’s daily dog social was about a half-mile away. For three years, she played with the same-aged pups every day before dinner.

And, don't let the pretty hairdo fool you. She's an active dog that keeps her figure by running around.  See her with her boyfriend "Ody" (short for Odysseus) as he baits her to play. 

 A big, burly male Labradoodle baits a nicely-groomed female standard poodle to play

 Look what she does.

 A female standard poodle takes the bait of her big, burly boyfriend Labradoodle and leans into a wrestling match.

Earning her the title of "Toughpoodle™."

She comes home exhausted, is fed dinner while ours is prepared, receives a little jacket – and goes directly into her credenza to sleep through our dinner. 

Great life for all.

 Now the standard poodle is fast asleep in her Ebony credenza on a faux fur blanket that keeps her bed clean.

Yes, by this time she's carrying grass and a little mud, so she's sleeping on a faux fur throw used to keep her permanent bed nice. 

She's now a pretty healthy 14-year-old.**


** Lila is a purebred Standard Poodle born from the exceptional breeding of Marie Hederson's www.mysticalpoodles.com -- an AKC Platinum Breeder of Merit.  It is displayed in her temperment, atheleticism and health.

Designers or Hoteliers interested in the EQO Collection or our concierge services should write trade@momant.com.  

All cabinet designs shown are patented and screen patterns shown are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.

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