Does Beautiful Code Matter?   [Prismatik, 2016]

In a sustainable design studio whose first mission is to learn on behalf of its clients, I get to see (and work with) a lot of exciting early news.  And, I love it.

We’re digitally native, so I get to see that news.  Technology lifts the burden of commerce off the earth and our personal lives, so we love digital updates. 

We’re 100% committed to Biomimicry, which learns more about nature every day, so I see the wonders of wildlife everyday.  Nature is crazy brilliant and gorgeous.

Much of our design work is specific to people with animals, so we get to concentrate on another fascinating aspect of nature -- human and wild.  It’s a connection of consciousness to non-conscious "surface living" in the built work world.

This morning’s most exciting news came from Fred Wilson who explained, in layperson’s terms, that The Linux Foundation has created a public health initiative for COVID alert systems.  

There are two apps emerging that use the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) infrastructure with which developers should be fairly familiar.  The codebase for it is now open-sourced, creating a “go get it” situation.  

It enables the rapid development of personal alert systems to support health in all sorts of ways.  I’m relieved these types of technologists are jumping on our current viral problem.

And, I find myself re-inspired by the work of all those in this supply chain of talent, skill, technology assets, information and integrity that share for positive public outcomes.

Thank you!  You make my mornings.

Rosalind Marinou

Image:  Prismatik.com, from Does Beautiful Code Matter, July 5, 2016

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