The absolutely stunning Steinway Tower is ready for the holidays offering exemplary living in NYC.  As the skinniest tower in the world, it exemplifies the Art of Accomplishment -- from its design and engineering to its splendid interiors by Studio Sofield.  We love it as it seems to honor the Steinway and Sons property in the most modern-holistic and admirable way.

We adore William Sofield's commitment to personal touch as well as to New York City's glorious lagacy -- easily seen in the breadth of interior designs created.

As a tiny, bespoke design studio dedicated to the Art of Sustainability, we find inspiration in it.  Our mission is to design, locate and custom-build furnishings fitting to these superiorly-appointed spaces in a Net Zero (or Net Positive) way, ensuring that every piece is accompanied by a dossier of authentication. We've studied for 10-plus years and know that it's doable, given our equally committed artisans.

Granted, our first furnishing collection is a bit unusual addressing a less tidy subject -- personal pets.  There simply had to be a way to home pets in well appointed spaces and keep them away from other fine furnishings.  Regardless of staff levels, there will always be times when animals need containment comfortable enough to keep them from whining.

Make no mistake, anxiety reduction and wellness for pets is the point -- sound control is the result. Our priece are so comfortable, pets drift off to sleep (as they should), lending to better health and behavior.

Call us crazy.  Or call us if there are pets in well-appointed spaces for bespoke furnishings to calm them and keep them off such superior interior designs.

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