Puppies need 18 hours of sleep a day to be healthy. 

Maybe 15-16 hours a day after a they're a year old.  Then down to 8-14 hours a day as adults.

When puppies don’t get enough sleep, expect them to act out - chew your favorite shoes, gnaw on custom moldings or dig through cabinets - until they drop from exhaustion.

Do plush dog beds give them the quiet they need to sleep?  Or is a crate that makes them feel like a fish in a fishbowl restful?

Think again.  Everyday noise and activity in our homes are often too much for our pups.  (And us!)  

Dogs lose their health faster from sleep deprivation than food deprivation.  Their health depends on having a lot of it.

These facts in mind, the EQO Collection was designed to give pets both the privacy and presence they need to eliminate the grump and live healthy lives.

Giving your pup a good home of his own is the game changer you never expected.

Say hello to a more relaxed home and to reduced vet bills.  

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