It seems like the Superbowl was a month ago. Yet, my inbox is still filled with it. Brand Rihanna was the true winner, say the analysts. She was spreading some love.

No surprise, the dogs were big winners too.  The well-fed, brown lab in a family’s everyday life. And, the rescue that tore the house apart when left alone, winning a new companion.  More love, sorta’.

Sure. The pet supply spend was up 57% last year. Amazon’s onto the more “stuff” for dogs. 

Yet, experience tells us the family now has companions in crime. Yes, happier. Mischevious acts may be less often, but no less damaging.  One of them is probably going to the vet soon. 

At-home medications, the fresh, nicely-spread mulch… the human “stuff” they get into is trouble.  

The vet spend is also up 44% in the US to nearly $8B annually now. And, it’s not all wellness checks.

Everybody that knows us also knows our work is for very exclusive settings, often with pets. It’s how the EQO Collection was born.

While partner Patrick Lun is deep in projects for Los Angeles’ elites and Jesus Galaz returns from leading breakout sessions at 3DEXPERIENCE World, we’ll be back on to spreading the love.

You don’t pull patents for the work we do with the EQO Collection, where every piece is custom, artisan made and a limited edition.

You do that because you know that the intelligence in them (our algorithms) make the dual-function pieces work. Designed as quality furniture. Made for pets.  

So, yes, we’re working at spreading the love to the “rest of us,”  reducing a few vet bills (and other scary statistics*). Our designs are for space-saving, at-home comfort, style and love for more of us.  

And, always sustainable.


*(Other scary statistic: Homeowner insurance claims reached nearly $1B in the US for animal agression. That’s all wrong, huh? ) 

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