Meet Zeus, an 11-year old Bulldog that rules the seventh floor of a building near Microsoft headquarters. He's a masterful presence that's 20” tall and almost as wide, stout and muscular at 81 lbs.

With a silky camel and white coat, he’s calm, regal, dominant and lets nothing disturb him.

Today is Bulldogs are Beautiful Day and he’s a beaut for sure.

At his royal age, his favorite past time is sleeping.  He likes to go out and on rides, but not the runner he used to be. He’s happy with a quick walk around the block or visiting neighbors.

A walnut and white EQO bench is perfect for him.  He’ll blend right in.  And, he’s exactly why we use algorithms to find perfect-fitting beds for animals.  Dogs are so much more dense than we are.

Zeus should have significant support with a softer top – but not too soft. That’s what he’ll get from MOMANT. Reinforced wellness.

He’s old enough to keep the sliding doors open all the time.  We expect to see 80% of him hidden behind the screens, with his nose peeking out into the open area. Comfortably hidden with plenty of air, he’ll let his instincts stand guard. And, sleep like the King he is.

[Zeus and his mom are also happy that all of our work supports forest preservation as all of our woods are from FSC®-protected forests.]

Happy Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, Zeus.  Have a treat on us.

And, Happy Earth Day too!

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