As we join our families and warmly recount our heritages this holiday season, we find ourselves deeply inspired by the unparalled art of embroidery of Francoise Lesage and his living legacy at Chanel.

About Francoise Lesage.

Born to talented embroiderists, Albert and Marie-Louise Lesage, who had acquired the Michonet atelier that served royalty in the 19th century, Francoise honored their every stitch in the love of his work. He expressed that so eloquently as only he could. 

“Embroidery is the love of writing your dreams with a needle, with a pearl, or with anything that could enchant and tenderly bring to life a décor, an ambience, a souvenir.”

While his parents’ careers were timulted by two European wars, he responded by creating le Maison Lesage as soon as peace was found. He served couturiers in the most  exceptional, often astounding, way for decades. Every piece of Maison Lesage is a work of art for which he received numerous honors and  awards.

Having a shared love of Chinese screens with Coco Chanel as well as a longterm relationship with the house, he sold Masion Lesage to Chanel in 2002, nine years before his passing. His legacy is now carried by his son Jean-Francoise through Chanel.

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