May 2021

Tuesday was a day for quiet and listening. Not today.

At MOMANT, we revel in and for diversity.

We mourn its violation as with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others.

We sigh at the excuses for such mistakes and do not accept them.

Neither law nor order can thrive without the innate and just core that calls humanity out of unconscious and animalistic dominance and into survivable culture. Human diversity gravitates to each other for survivability and that is culture.

We too are frustrated by insurgents that disrupt clear messages from the Black Community that demand our respect and attention.

And, we’re celebrating as we watch Black Communities retake control of their narratives and peacefully-intended protests.

We delight in seeing business and brands back this important effort for more permanent change. We congratulate the Black Community in America for tipping those scales.

But, it’s not the time or place for our opinions. It’s time to make adjustments according to current cultural calls. And, this small group, made up of a few other colors, is happy to oblige.

Again, congratulations to the Black Community for elevating us all through another cultural learning cycle.

Rosalind Marinou
MOMANT® Fine Design.

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