Like all forces of Nature, we respect COVID’s inherent drive to use people as hosts. spread quickly and, unfortunately, destroy lives. That’s what smart, toxic viruses do and so we’ve worked to both protect all those we know from it and live on in its presence.  

We expect it will take time to outsmart it reliably, so we’re ready to carry on safely and help our clients live their best odd times together, from home.

Protecting personal identities now is equally important, as criminals troll the web for ways to exploit any opportunity to get at us. That’s another new normal. Fortunately, we’re digitally native and well prepared. 

Security compliant systems are in place with a degree of separation offered through the excellent online service of our Luxlock stylists and selling assistants familiar with the needs and demands of our audience.  Real shields are up and smiling.

And, we’ll remain committed to making your homes, including your electronic ones, the best places to be cozy and safe.

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