A modern, refined credenza in Italian-made Rosewood that is 33.5 in / 85 cm high stands against a classically elegant wall, possibly a foyer.  It has a front sliding door in a contemporary leaf design in chalk white for stunning contrast.  At the top are matching thumb trims to open hidden storage. On top is a fine leather handbag and riding boots are beside it on the right.


Our core team is sprinkled throughout the US West Coast, with friends globally. Our pieces are designed and made in California.


Founding designer and Art Director, Patrick holds a Masters in Architecture from Yale University. He has extensive experience designing luxurious spaces and providing white glove services for discerning, high-profile clients for one of Los Angeles' most prestigious architectural firms. His artistic insight and depth of skill are demonstrated in the exceptional and unexpected EQO Collection, in which an impressive list of features and functions are hidden in simple and sleek designs. His refined aesthetical sense combined with his ability to discuss tool path discussions is extremely rare.


Industrial Design Engineer extraordinaire and exceptional 3D Artist, Jesus is faculty at the esteemed Art Center, Los Angeles. He instructs in product design and advanced digital engineering that employs cutting-edge software. He is often called upon as an expert lecturer for advanced breakout sessions at the most respected 3D art and engineering conferences in the USA. King of smooth customizations and visualizations, he generates the exemplary precision required for our clients and artisan makers.


Creator, founder and prime mover, Rosalind leads to achieve Natural Prosperity. She is impassioned by the loss of habitat she enjoyed as a child in Los Angeles, playing with horses in orange groves owned by Hollywood actors. Highly engaged C-level executives and artists that filled her affluent home greatly impressed her as a preteen. She also delivered Poodle puppies at age 12 and recognized dysfunction in pet markets immediately. Her affluent beginnings led to an early career in luxury merchandising where she acheived unprecedented results in the fine gold jewelry and home furnishing businesses. Technology firms then tapped her to understand early adopters and she spent her mid career forwarding wireless technologies. She merged these skills, creating T1.C MOMANT virtually to reach best talent missioned to build transformative products and business models to serve well-being for people and the planet.

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our story

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