Who we are

We’re urbanites that love the soil and hold a passion for eco prosperity, knowing Nature’s power to influence human lives and vice-versa. The connection is undeniable.

We see the re-experience of this connection as the center of 21st century design. We serve people that seek fresh air and innocent animals as part of everyday life.  

Much like how the Bauhaus school peeled away Rococo details to reveal purposeful geometries of the natural world in simple shapes, we ignore overindustrialized, toxic and fast elements to focus on the most authentically innovative tools, materials and modern artistry we can find.

We're sprinkled throughout the West Coast, USA with friends globally.


Primary Designer, Masters of Architecture from Yale University, Patrick designs furniture, objects and Luxurious Architectural spaces


Digital Design Engineer Extraordinaire and Instructor At Art Center, Los Angeles, Jesus is king of smooth customizations and visualizations.


Founder, co-designer and former LX merchandiser for I.Magnin who went tech for while. She leads to achieve natural prosperity.

The Design Team

Who we are

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